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Didactiic is a platform that helps parents discover the best activities to engage in with their kids in order to maximize their brain development prior to the age of 6. We are on a mission to empower parents to better understand the important role that daily, early childhood development interactions play in a childs' future.

The people behind Didactiic!


Derek Petgrave, Founder

CEO/CTO, Didactiic, Inc.
Columbia Business School, MBA

Those of us who have kids under the age of 6 know all too well that finding the right tasks to do with the little ones on a day-to-day basis can be extremely frustrating. The science tells us that the early years are the most important years for their future but what exactly are we supposed to be doing to best aid their brain development? We are living in an age where we have access to massive amounts of information at our fingertips yet much of what we read is either conflicting or not relevant in term of concrete, actionable activities. We founded Didactiic to help our family and other families navigate firmly on an evidence-based path towards discovering the right activities for kids at the right stage of their cognitive development.


Dr. Cristina Fernandez, Advisor

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Columbia University Medical Center - College of Physicians & Surgeons
M.D. Columbia University; M.P.H. Yale University

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