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Give your children (aged 6 and under) a lasting academic edge

Discover proven, research-backed activities that can advance your child's reading and math skills to a first or second-grade level well before kindergarten

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We'll steer you through suitable activities for your child's cognitive growth, detailing their basis, evidence of efficacy, timing, duration, related exercises, and required materials.

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Discover age-appropriate insights that are buried within best-selling parenting books

One thing you don’t have much of as a parent of young children is time. Use Didactiic and quickly eliminate your day-to-day concerns as a data-driven parent:

"Are you asking your child the right questions?"

"Are you giving your child the right challenges?"

"Do you have all the tools you need to create an intellectually stimulating environment for your child?"

Parent confidently knowing you have access to the latest best practices for baby brain development

Gain access to curated activities that will bolster your child’s ability to develop intellectually across 7 dimensions:

Comprehension Skills

Develop your child's ability to understand social norms and other needed information.

Language Skills

Develop and track your child's ability to understand and express language in verbal and written form.

Mathematic Skills

Develop your child's ability to classify, sequence, order, compare and recognize patterns.

Memory Skills

Develop your child's short and long term memory.

Motor Skills

Develop your child's ability to move and manipulate objects in the world

Visual-Spatial Reasoning Skills

Develop your child's ability to solve problems using shapes, pictures, diagrams and tables.

Cognition Skills

Develop your child's higher-order cognitive skills including: abstract thinking, pattern recognition, conceptual thinking, and problem solving.

Utilize innovative features -- each aligned with our guiding principles



Connect the activities your caregiver is doing with the activities you and your spouse do, with the tested domains your future kindergartener will experience; with the guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics; all within the universe of activities that children can complete for that age range



Choose the philosophy you want to follow as a parent while focusing your efforts on the interests that your developing child expresses



Discover elemental, non-digital activities at each stage of your child's development: from birth to 6 years of age

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