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Discover age-appropriate insights that the parents of high performing kids may know -- but are not sharing with you

One thing you don’t have much of as a parent of young children is time. Use Didactiic and quickly eliminate your day-to-day concerns as a data-driven parent:

"Are you asking your child the right questions?"

"Are you giving your child the right challenges?"

"Do you have all the tools you need to create an intellectually stimulating environment for your child?"

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Parent confidently knowing you have access to nuanced best practices for brain development

Gain access to curated activities that can bolster your child's ability to develop intellectually across 7 domains:

Comprehension Skills

Enhance your child's grasp of new information, norms of conduct, and the typical common sense expected of children their age. (see more)

Language Skills

Cultivate and monitor your child's skill in comprehending and articulating language in both spoken and written forms. (see more)

Mathematic Skills

Foster your child's skills in categorizing, arranging in sequence, organizing, contrasting, and identifying patterns. (see more)

Memory Skills

Enhance your child's short-term and long-term memory capabilities. (see more)

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Motor Skills

Foster your child's skill in maneuvering and handling objects in their environment. (see more)

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Visual-Spatial Reasoning Skills

Enhance your child's problem-solving skills using shapes, images, diagrams, and charts. (see more)

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Cognition Skills

Develop your child's higher-order cognitive skills including: abstract thinking, pattern recognition, conceptual thinking, and problem solving. (see more)

What sets Didactiic apart in the field of early childhood development is our three-phase educational methodology:


Find high-quality interventions for your child using a ranking system grounded in scientific evidence


Rapidly identify and be in alignment with the critical factors that enable interventions to succeed broadly.


Enhance your child's early literacy and numeracy through active parental involvement.

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